Sell Insurance With Great Client Service

Sell Insurance With Great Client Service

There’s no doubt that consistently providing the highest level of service and being responsive pays off in referrals and opportunities. A woman on the Board of Directors of a condominium association was responsible for handling the association’s building insurance. From the first time she spoke with the insurance agent, and thereafter, she consistently received superb service. What this agent didn’t know is that this woman was the author of six business books, a conference speaker, and a customer service expert. [Read more…]

Go After the Big Fish- Three Sales Lessons From a Stingray Experience

Stingrays are generally docile and will swim close to divers and snorkelers. I experienced this just last week while on a much needed vacation in the Cayman Islands. I confess, I was really scared of them at first – especially the really big ones like the one below. But when I saw other people enjoying the experience, I overcame my fear. When one swam up to me I  held it in my arms, hoping it wouldn’t react to the pounding of my heart and my shaking hands.

299 [Read more…]

Forging the Link Between Sales and Marketing


When Edwin Land successfully launched his classic invention, the Polaroid camera, he should have stopped there. Against the advice of his sales and marketing people (and without the benefit of market research which he detested), he introduced a device, called Polavision, (selling at the hefty price of $700) that would record an “instant color movie.” So convinced that this device would succeed, Land invested 68 million dollars to promote it. In spite of the desire and the dollars, the product failed. [Read more…]

Marketing and Advertising Strategies

Capture Your Competitors' Customers
A Chapter From Christine Corelli’s book “Capture Your Competitors’ Customers and KEEP Them”

Capture Your Competitors’ Customers With Smart Marketing and Advertising Practices

There are many great marketing and advertising strategies and tactics in place today. Learning by their example is the best way when it comes to lessons in marketing and advertising. Some of the smartest and most forward-thinking companies are using superior marketing techniques and maximizing today’s technology to communicate their messages. [Read more…]

Smart to Think as “Merchants” and Entrepreneurs


How can you create and sustain success in today’s highly competitive business environment?

If you’ve ever heard me speak, you’ve probably heard me talk about the Five Critical Success Factors for Business Growth and Profitability.

Number One is a dynamic leadership. Dynamic leadership must be displayed by the “Top-Banana” and the entire leadership team.

Dynamic leaders are not only proficient in managing and motivating staff, but they can also create a smart competitive strategy. A strong part of that strategy should be a marketing plan that makes their competitors’ plans look weak in comparison. This holds true for businesses of all sizes. (You will receive more on this topic in the future.) [Read more…]

Achieving Success in Sales When Your Boss Doesn’t Believe You Can


A partner in an international training and development company heard of a young woman who was seeking a career change. Although she had no real experience in sales, she came highly recommended for her strong work ethic and impressive interpersonal skills. She was soon hired but provisionally. The company was just willing to try her out and see what she could do. [Read more…]