Where to Invest in Your Business – Bragging Rights Are Never Enough

Where to Invest in Your Business

Where You Need to Invest in Your Business

Bragging rights are never enough. You can boast all you want about the quality of your product or service, and your great reputation. But if you want to experience business growth and  outdistance your competitors, you need… [Read more…]

Brand Promise: Three Leadership Tips – One Tip for Sales Leaders


Make your brand promise come alive. What is your brand promise?

Is your brand promise on your marketing materials, website, etc? Is there truth in what you say about yourself? Want to make it happen? Of course you do. [Read more…]

On Success – Are YOU Capable of Bringing Home the GOLD?


Want to achieve personal and professional success?

Of course you do!  Then take a look at these similarities of Olympic Athletes and a dynamic business professional.  [Read more…]

Business Success – Kill the Status Quo and Reinvent Your Company


For Business Success Avoid the Kiss of Death.

If you want to achieve business success, what would be the kiss of death? Whenever I deliver a presentation on leadership or business success, I pose this question to my audiences. Typical responses are… “Not taking action.” Or, “Poor customer service.” All of these are good answers, but not the one I want to hear. [Read more…]

Seven Smart Ways to
Build Your Referral Business

Ways to Get More Referrals

It often amazes me how many sales people and business owners tell me that they are uncomfortable asking for referrals.

Some don’t know how to ask, and some don’t ask at all. Referral business is the least expensive way to win new customers, has the highest possible leverage, and the best potential payoff. In addition, a prospect whose name you received through a referral may be more prone to return your call and less likely to look to another provider for their needs. [Read more…]

Women Buy More Tires Than Men: Adapt Your Selling Style and Your Business Environment


By Christine Corelli and Doug Dvorak

Smart automotive service businesses and tire dealers adapt their selling style when interacting with a female customer. They also take steps to ensure their environment is appealing to women and would be considered as “Female-Friendly.” They have recognized the importance of these vital aspects of business success. [Read more…]