Dealing With Difficult Customers When You Know They are Dead Wrong

Customer Service
How to Handle Difficult Customers When You KNOW They are Dead Wrong…

Throughout my career as a speaker, consultant, and customer service trainer, I’ve heard a multitude of war stories about challenging customer service situations. Let’s face it. Many customers challenge and argue with us even when they are dead wrong. Some  lie.  Some just love to give people a hard time. Some just want to “try” you. We’ve all experienced these situations in customer service scenarios. [Read more…]

Forging the Link Between Sales and Marketing


When Edwin Land successfully launched his classic invention, the Polaroid camera, he should have stopped there. Against the advice of his sales and marketing people (and without the benefit of market research which he detested), he introduced a device, called Polavision, (selling at the hefty price of $700) that would record an “instant color movie.” So convinced that this device would succeed, Land invested 68 million dollars to promote it. In spite of the desire and the dollars, the product failed. [Read more…]

Selling to Women: What The Men and Women Who Sell to Them Should Know

Selling to Women

Is it necessary to adapt your selling style when your prospect or customer is a woman?

You bet! Extensive studies and research have been conducted on this topic. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know why – women are different than men. They think differently, communicate differently, decide differently, shop differently, and even buy differently than men. [Read more…]

Positively Outrageous Service Is All It Takes to WOW a Customer

Positively Outrageous Service


A Guest Post from Our Colleague – T. Scott Gross-

The food was good. The location, great. Prices were reasonable. And service was consistently better than corporate standards.

The only thing that was missing was customers. How could we be doing everything so right and yet have so little left to pay the bills? [Read more…]

Conflict Can Destroy You or Make You Great


When you think of the word “conflict” you likely associate it with the words friction, disharmony, rivalry, disagreement, clash, dissonance, disunity, and yes…stress. “Not seeing eye-to-eye” might come to mind as well. None of these conditions are healthy, but they are not uncommon in any organization. [Read more…]

Aligning Your Sales and Customer Service Team For Results Through Teamwork

Today’s customers are more service savvy than ever. If you don’t excel in every aspect of their experience customers will head straight over to your competitor. Sales and customer service staff must work together as highly effective teams – all working toward the same goal – increasing sales and developing a reputation for superior customer service. What is required is true teamwork. [Read more…]