Why It’s Smart to be Direct When Communicating

Why It's Smart to be Direct

Why is it smart to be direct when you communicate?

The answer is simple: Interacting with a person who is not honest and direct can be frustrating. When an individual  states their position in a direct manner, honestly, and with tact and diplomacy is far better. Below are seven reasons why it’s smart to be direct when you communicate and why direct communication should be encouraged in your company.

When You Communicate With Someone Who is Direct  

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Asking Questions and LISTENING

Asking Questions-Who What When Where Why How

Enhance your ability to close sales by developing the habit of asking questions and listening to what your prospect or existing customer has to say before you start selling. It is the most effective way to learn about your customer’s needs. Asking questions and listening also helps to gain your customer’s confidence, and shows them you care. [Read more…]

Executives! Are You Being Guarded? Beware!

Executives! Are You Being Guarded? Beware!

“Make sure whatever you send to the President goes through me first. If you want to speak to him on the phone or see him do the same. I have to protect him from getting bogged down with too much information and too many appointments.”

This is what managers, directors, and supervisors are told by a client’s executive secretary. If you have your secretary or assistant do the same, beware. [Read more…]

Women Buy More Tires Than Men: Adapt Your Selling Style and Your Business Environment


By Christine Corelli and Doug Dvorak

Smart automotive service businesses and tire dealers adapt their selling style when interacting with a female customer. They also take steps to ensure their environment is appealing to women and would be considered as “Female-Friendly.” They have recognized the importance of these vital aspects of business success. [Read more…]

Schmooze Difficult Customers

difficult customers

One of the most challenging situations is to turn difficult customers into loyal customers. If you can do so, then you may not only gain a new loyal customer but also create an advocate for your business. When you encounter a difficult customer, instead of getting angry and defensive, be respectful, apologetic and humble. [Read more…]

Don’t Kill Creativity!


I’ve seen many managers inadvertently kill creativity in their employees either because they are close-minded, or because of their frantic efforts just to get work done by a deadline. Managers can learn to maximize creativity without killing it in the process. One way to stimulate creativity is to give employees new and challenging assignments, but not so difficult they feel overwhelmed. Be sure to give them specific goals but do not dictate how they should be met. They will likely use their creativity if you give them the freedom to decide how to climb a mountain. This is an effective way to ignite the fire under some of the employees who are average performers and turn them into Achievers as they will feel they are contributing to the decision-making. [Read more…]