Business Growth-In the Long Road Ahead, Who Will Come Out as a Winner?


Considering today’s challenging business climate, unstable  economic conditions, more cost-conscious customers, and ferocious competition, you can’t help but wonder: “In the long road ahead, who will come out as a winner? [Read more…]

The High Performance Workplace


for Construction Financial Management Association

You’ve just completed checking over a new subcontractor’s construction expenditures on a large hospital project. You had reservations about using a new subcontractor on such a visible project, but the construction manager was able to persuade the CEO about the firm’s capabilities. Now, you’re beginning to see cost overruns that you will need to nip in the bud if you are to deliver the project within budget. You get up from your desk to pour yourself another cup of coffee before tackling the next task. There’s still a huge amount of work you need to get done before the end of the day, but you pour the steamy brew and pause for a few moments to gaze at the people around you. [Read more…]

How To Institute Change

Time for Change - Ornate Clock

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One of the most challenging and important responsibilities for leaders is to institute change. Managerial calls to embrace change are often met with resistance and uncertainty. If not managed correctly, disgruntled employees, profit loss, poor performance and unacceptable levels of customer service can be the result. Below are methods to help you manage the transition process. [Read more…]

Adapting to the Changing Retail Environment


Is your store experiencing a selling slump? If it is, it’s a tough situation. It can not only hurt you financially, but it can damage your morale and your ego — especially if you believe you’re doing everything right but still can’t make progress. And, needless to say, a consistent decline in sales can also cause you to worry about whether you can stay in the retail environment. [Read more…]

Sales – Selling Through Tough Times


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Experiencing a selling slump? If you are, it’s a tough situation indeed. It can not only hurt you financially, but it can damage your ego–especially if you feel you’re doing everything right and you still can’t see a breakthrough. It can also cause you to worry about job security and make your company vulnerable to the competition. What to do? [Read more…]

Recession – Until Things Turn Around What to Do?


March 2001 the US economy slides into a recession, but by the time “powers that be” decided to make the announcement in 2002 it was old news! Many organizations have already taken a hard hit from the economic downturn, they have been taking measures to survive long before then. It’s 2003, and they still are. And they don’t need anyone to tell them that the economy is taking a lot longer to turn around than anticipated. [Read more…]