5 Crucial Guidelines for Effective Sales Leadership

5 Crucial Guidelines for Effective Sales Leadership
Leadership is a difficult subject to master. The concept is elusive in that there are no clear formulas for most leaders to follow due to the abstract nature of the idea itself. One often finds the concept hard to interpret. There are mostly just guidelines, perceptions, and generalities, which make the art of leading so hard to master and teach. This is why there is such a great need for role models. Nowhere is that more apparent than in sales leadership. A great sales role model or sales coach has the power to transform you and your entire sales force. [Read more…]

On Leadership Development – Top 2017 Workplace Learning Trends – Is it Time for Change?

Time for Change

Attention Executives, Managers, HR and L&D Pros, Directors of Training, Talent Managers –
Review these Statistics on L&D Programs from a 2017 Study

• 69% of Learning & Development professionals say that talent is the number one priority in their organizations.

• Over 25% are expecting a budget increase in for Learning & Development (L&D) programs for 2018 [Read more…]

Success When Selling to Business Owners

Success When Selling to Business Owners
Do you sell b2b? To achieve success when selling to business owners requires an acute awareness of these three things:

1) That person thinks about their business day and night.
2) It is very close to them.
3) It is dear to their heart. [Read more…]

Dealing With Difficult Customers When You Know They are Dead Wrong

Customer Service
How to Handle Difficult Customers When You KNOW They are Dead Wrong…

Throughout my career as a speaker, consultant, and customer service trainer, I’ve heard a multitude of war stories about challenging customer service situations. Let’s face it. Many customers challenge and argue with us even when they are dead wrong. Some  lie.  Some just love to give people a hard time. Some just want to “try” you. We’ve all experienced these situations in customer service scenarios. [Read more…]

Customer Experience
– United Air Lines

Here’s what is so sad about what occurred with the passenger assault on United Air Lines.  [Read more…]

Where to Invest in Your Business – Bragging Rights Are Never Enough

Where to Invest in Your Business

Where You Need to Invest in Your Business

Bragging rights are never enough. You can boast all you want about the quality of your product or service, and your great reputation. But if you want to experience business growth and  outdistance your competitors, you need… [Read more…]