Sales Managers —
Don’t Waste Your Time
Coaching The Wrong Sales People

Are you providing sales coaching to the wrong people? I categorize sales professionals in three groups. 1) Sales Strugglers, 2) Sales Makers and 3) Sales Champions. [Read more…]

Brand Promise: Three Leadership Tips – One Tip for Sales Leaders


Make your brand promise come alive. What is your brand promise?

Is your brand promise on your marketing materials, website, etc? Is there truth in what you say about yourself? Want to make it happen? Of course you do. [Read more…]

Operational Excellence


“I want every every department at every location to be “Centers of Operational Excellence.” That was a strategic initiative of the President of a major manufacturer who hired me as a consultant and speaker. I was told not to take on the project if I thought I couldn’t raise the level of performance by at least 15% in a six month period. [Read more…]

Intuition Is In!


Men call it a “gut feeling.” Women call it “intuition.” Whatever you call it, it’s something you need to pay attention to. Usually, it springs up from deep within, and when you least expect it. Scientists and artists refer to it again and again as one of the key elements in their work. Heeding it can help you to analyze ideas, information and people. [Read more…]

Creative Thinking


“I can’t seem to reel in potential customers. I feel if I could only use communication skills more creatively, I could get my foot in the door more often.” [Read more…]

The Successful Event Strategy


You’ll be tired a lot and working hard, because a successful special event doesn’t just happen. It takes tremendous effort and manpower. Not counting the planning and promoting. It’s a challenging task that, if not pulled together properly, won’t go over well. And that’s pretty disappointing after all the time and energy expended. [Read more…]