5 Crucial Guidelines for Effective Sales Leadership

5 Crucial Guidelines for Effective Sales Leadership
Leadership is a difficult subject to master. The concept is elusive in that there are no clear formulas for most leaders to follow due to the abstract nature of the idea itself. One often finds the concept hard to interpret. There are mostly just guidelines, perceptions, and generalities, which make the art of leading so hard to master and teach. This is why there is such a great need for role models. Nowhere is that more apparent than in sales leadership. A great sales role model or sales coach has the power to transform you and your entire sales force. [Read more…]

Success When Selling to Business Owners

Success When Selling to Business Owners
Do you sell b2b? To achieve success when selling to business owners requires an acute awareness of these three things:

1) That person thinks about their business day and night.
2) It is very close to them.
3) It is dear to their heart. [Read more…]

Sales Success Against the Odds

This is just one of many David and Goliath sales success stories about how the partners of a company thought that  a new salesperson had no chance at winning proved to everyone that she had what it takes to compete with the best and at the highest levels. A positive attitude, determination, the courage to take on a huge challenge with little experience and succeed in sales against the odds is what makes many sales professionals so dynamic. [Read more…]

For Sales Success –
It’s the Buying Experience

For Sales Success It's the Buying Experience

Selling has become more complex than ever. Customers have more choices, are better informed, more discriminating, more cost-conscious, more “service savvy” more risk-adverse, and more demanding than ever before. How can sales professionals excel in this environment? Enhance the buying experience!  [Read more…]

A Key to Sales Success –
Become a Master of…

Key To Sales Success

  • Your products
  • Your industry
  • Communicator
  • Relationship Building
  • Negotiation
  • Your customers’ wants, needs, and expectations
  • Yourself

[Read more…]

Asking Questions and LISTENING

Asking Questions-Who What When Where Why How

Enhance your ability to close sales by developing the habit of asking questions and listening to what your prospect or existing customer has to say before you start selling. It is the most effective way to learn about your customer’s needs. Asking questions and listening also helps to gain your customer’s confidence, and shows them you care. [Read more…]