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Trade Show Selling

Seven Steps to Get You Started When Selling on the Trade Show Floor

Trade show exhibiting is, by far, the Number One way to gain access to potential customers! But exhibiting costs can be very high — for travel, exhibit fees, booth rental and design, pre-show marketing communications, and many additional miscellaneous expenses that can really add up. [Read more…]

Marketing Your Exhibit at a Trade Show


You spent a great deal of time, money and hard work into preparing to exhibit in your upcoming industry trade show. Now you need to promote it. What you do prior to the show, is just as important as what happens at the show. Send invitations to a targeted group prior to the show. That would include your “A” list of existing customers, and most desired customers.  Make that list, and send an impressive invitation. Make it unique and memorable. [Read more…]

When To Attend an Industry Trade Show?


Attending your industry trade show–especially during this shaky economy-could be the best business move you will ever make. To keep going in business without losing your footing, you need to have complete, up-to-date information about what is happening in your marketplace. In addition, you need to make connections and meet with people face-to face to really determine what is going on in your industry. [Read more…]

Selling Smarts at the Trade Show


  • Your company has invested a great deal of time and money to exhibit in the trade show. Everyone must do their part and do their best to generate leads. Remember, the primary purpose for most companies when exhibiting in a trade show is to generate leads. [Read more…]

Attending a Trade Show


You made the effort and attended the show,
now what do you do with all the information that you gathered? [Read more…]

Trade Show Sales Success

sales success

Exhibiting in an industry trade show is the best marketing vehicles to sales success by physically obtaining access to potential and existing customers. It is an excellent opportunity to display your product or service to the largest number of people at any single event. In fact, it can generate more leads than you can obtain in the field during a whole year. Exhibiting can provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about your industry, obtain ideas, form strategic alliances, attend educational seminars, develop relationships, and check out your competition. [Read more…]