Serious About Client Service? – Seven Steps to Improve Your Service

Are You Serious About Client Service? – Seven Steps to Improve Your Service

Are you serious about improving the level of service you now provide? Of course you are! Providing outstanding client service is an imperative for business success. This holds true whether you have 10 or 10,000 people working for you. Below are Seven Steps you can take to make a positive impression and improve the level of client service you now provide. [Read more…]

Sell Insurance With Great Client Service

Sell Insurance With Great Client Service

There’s no doubt that consistently providing the highest level of service and being responsive pays off in referrals and opportunities. A woman on the Board of Directors of a condominium association was responsible for handling the association’s building insurance. From the first time she spoke with the insurance agent, and thereafter, she consistently received superb service. What this agent didn’t know is that this woman was the author of six business books, a conference speaker, and a customer service expert. [Read more…]

Positively Outrageous Service Is All It Takes to WOW a Customer

Positively Outrageous Service


A Guest Post from Our Colleague – T. Scott Gross-

The food was good. The location, great. Prices were reasonable. And service was consistently better than corporate standards.

The only thing that was missing was customers. How could we be doing everything so right and yet have so little left to pay the bills? [Read more…]

Accountability – Establish It and Become Fit for Success


To survive in the most challenging business climate we’ve ever experienced, we’ve gotten “lean and mean.” We’ve downsized, reorganized, cut costs, and struggled to manage our working capital. We’ve had to make tough decisions and hard choices to survive. Now, it’s time to build the muscle in our businesses. We need to put smart practices in place to ensure our organizations are “Fit for Success.” What it requires is accountability.

What Accountability Looks Like

It’s a concentrated effort from every employee to be responsible for a positive result in every task, project, and every interaction with customers and coworkers. Is it easy to establish accountability? No. Is it possible? Absolutely. And it’s worthwhile. [Read more…]

Aligning Your Sales and Customer Service Team For Results Through Teamwork

Today’s customers are more service savvy than ever. If you don’t excel in every aspect of their experience customers will head straight over to your competitor. Sales and customer service staff must work together as highly effective teams – all working toward the same goal – increasing sales and developing a reputation for superior customer service. What is required is true teamwork. [Read more…]

Get Serious about Customer Service

customer service

It goes without saying that outstanding customer service is now an imperative for business success. Customers don’t need much of an excuse to head over to your competitor if your business falls even the slightest bit short in the level of service you provide. And in today’s economy, you can’t afford to lose even one customer. [Read more…]