Serious About Client Service? – Seven Steps to Improve Your Service

Are You Serious About Client Service? – Seven Steps to Improve Your Service

Are you serious about improving the level of service you now provide? Of course you are! Providing outstanding client service is an imperative for business success. This holds true whether you have 10 or 10,000 people working for you. Below are Seven Steps you can take to make a positive impression and improve the level of client service you now provide. [Read more…]

Tips for Selling Financial Services For New Advisors

By Guest Writer Emma Crosby
Tips for Financial Advisors

While there are many factors that are universal when it comes to achieving success in sales, there are some that are specific to selling financial services. Some are simply because of the nature of those services, and others are because they are services rather than products or commodities.

There’s a big difference between selling financial products and selling financial services, and it’s important to understand that even before getting into the business. Every client is different, and they have different needs, and that means they each require different solutions. It’s crucial to treat every client as an individual, and making a personal connection with each client you work with is a good way to help achieve this. Making a personal connection is increasingly important in all areas of sales, whether it’s in retail, customer service, or financial services. Also important is understanding that most clients don’t want to buy your services and then just walk away—they want your advice, too. For the most part, everyone who sells financial services is selling the same products; the difference you provide is you, and how you tailor those products to your clients’ needs. [Read more…]

Insurance and Financial Advisors – Build Profitable Relationships at Client Events With Event Themes

Dynamic Leadership

Research confirms that insurance and financial advisors who are proficient in building relationships achieve more referrals and greater success. In a recent study of Fortune 1000 companies, researchers at Booz Allen Hamilton and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management found that the most financially successful companies are more relationship focused than sales focused. That’s their “differentiator.”

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For Insurance, Financial Services, Financial Planners and Brokers – Get Serious About Sales


Recently, I spoke at Creative Marketing’s Learn to Earn conference in KC. What a great group! If you are one of the independent insurance agents who attended this event, I thank you for your participation and for the many kind remarks I received after my presentation, Capture Your Competitors’ Customers and Keep Them. [Read more…]

Tips for Financial Advisors Success at a Client Event


Financial Advisors and Financial Service Professionals and Wealth Management Firms-

Do You Know How to Connect at an Event and Avoid Missing New Client Opportunities?

It’s amazing how few insurance and financial services professionals have no clue how to make connections at an event.  I’ve seen too many pros attend networking events in hopes of making connections that will result in new clients, but they don’t know how to maximize the opportunities these events provide. I’ve been at numerous financial advisor and wealth management client events. These cost a great deal of time and money. The people work hard to promote the event to ensure a good turnout, then fail to connect at the event in the right way. [Read more…]

Sales Communication Tips for Financial Advisors


I came across an article on you may want to read. It addresses how overall, Canadian financial services professionals need to do a better job of communicating the value of what they offer, and clearly define their value proposition. This holds true for American professionals as well. In fact, studies have proven that no matter what you sell or offer, 85% of your overall career success is in direct proportion to your ability to communicate. This holds especially true when communicating the value of obtaining the services of a financial advisor. [Read more…]