How to Deal With Negative People — The Princes and Princesses of Pessimism

Negative People

All of us have come across negative people. For them, negativity is the driving force in their lives. When they go home at night, they complain about their customers, their jobs, their bosses, and the traffic. Then they park themselves in front of the TV and tune out the rest of the world. When it comes to making plans for their future they simply don’t because they are stuck wherever they are, which is usually in their own minds. They consider themselves “victims” of whomever or whatever. Sadly, they do not realize that thinking of themselves as victims of their world keeps them feeling oppressed and holds them back from professional accomplishment and personal happiness. [Read more…]

Avoid Negaholics

Avoid Negaholics

Seems like every time I write about negative people, I get lots of hits on my site, and “forwards” of Monday Morning Motivation. It’s no wonder, there are a lot of really negative grumpy people out there these days. [Read more…]

You Work For A Bad Boss? What to Do

bad boss

If you’ve read my book, Wake Up and Smell the Competition, or attended one of my  presentations on leadership or employee motivation, you know I believe that every company should adopt a “Zero Tolerance for Bad Bosses” policy. [Read more…]

Conflict Can Destroy You or Make You Great


When you think of the word “conflict” you likely associate it with the words friction, disharmony, rivalry, disagreement, clash, dissonance, disunity, and yes…stress. “Not seeing eye-to-eye” might come to mind as well. None of these conditions are healthy, but they are not uncommon in any organization. [Read more…]

Dealing With Conflict


Webster defines conflict as discord, disharmony, friction, antagonism, rivalry, disagreement, dissonance, disunity. No company, team, or relationship can be successful if a conflict situation exists and is not addressed. [Read more…]

Alleviate Workplace Stress

Stressed Out – Who ME?

One of the biggest challenges for business professionals today is workplace stress. It’s not hard to figure out the reasons why stress is rampant in the workplace. Downsizing, reorganization, rapid change, tough customers, fierce competition, and having to do more with less have created stressful environments worldwide. This holds true regardless of what business you’re in.If not properly addressed, the results can be low morale, decreased productivity, lack of teamwork, and downright cranky people. No company can afford this type of environment, and yet it exists in many organizations.Telling employees to take “mental breaks,” and providing seminars on stress management and life-balance can help employees to learn tips on how manage their stress levels, but this is not enough. Today, executives and managers need new approaches to reduce the levels of employee stress. Providing a positive work environment and an innovative company culture are essential. Below are methods to help you to create a positive work environment and reduce workplace stress. [Read more…]