Sales Managers —
Don’t Waste Your Time
Coaching The Wrong Sales People

Are you providing sales coaching to the wrong people? I categorize sales professionals in three groups. 1) Sales Strugglers, 2) Sales Makers and 3) Sales Champions. [Read more…]

Women Buy More Tires Than Men: Adapt Your Selling Style and Your Business Environment


By Christine Corelli and Doug Dvorak

Smart automotive service businesses and tire dealers adapt their selling style when interacting with a female customer. They also take steps to ensure their environment is appealing to women and would be considered as “Female-Friendly.” They have recognized the importance of these vital aspects of business success. [Read more…]

Retail Business – Turn Shoppers Into Buyers


The customer rules! It’s an all too familiar mantra, but it warrants repeating. After all, the customer ultimately decides whether your retail business will succeed or fail. That fact alone puts them in charge. [Read more…]