Sales Managers —
Don’t Waste Your Time
Coaching The Wrong Sales People

Are you providing sales coaching to the wrong people? I categorize sales professionals in three groups. 1) Sales Strugglers, 2) Sales Makers and 3) Sales Champions. [Read more…]

Operational Excellence


“I want every every department at every location to be “Centers of Operational Excellence.” That was a strategic initiative of the President of a major manufacturer who hired me as a consultant and speaker. I was told not to take on the project if I thought I couldn’t raise the level of performance by at least 15% in a six month period. [Read more…]

Five Things to Ditch in 2015

Boring Meeting

1) Ditch the term “employee.” Progressive companies refer to their staff to as “business partners,” “colleagues,” “team members,” or “associates.”All of these infer a level of respect for the individual. Smart.

2) Ditch the term “customer satisfaction.” Satisfaction isn’t enough. Strive for higher levels of customer loyalty.

3) Ditch micro-managing. Instead, help, guide, approve, thank.

4) Ditch boring meetings. Maybe even ditch some of the meetings. How about a quick huddle?

5) Ditch the discussion of revenue and talk profitability to your “business partners.”

How to Offer Real “Value Added” Without Sacrificing Your Profit


“It’s not just about selling. It’s about communicating with your customers and
sales team to determine the best ways to add value to your product or
service without lowering your price so low that you can barely make a profit.”

Tired of defending your price? Upset with having to give a discount to get the order but pricing the product so low you are not making a decent profit? Maybe you need to start looking at this the other way around. [Read more…]