For Sales Success –
It’s the Buying Experience

For Sales Success It's the Buying Experience

Selling has become more complex than ever. Customers have more choices, are better informed, more discriminating, more cost-conscious, more “service savvy” more risk-adverse, and more demanding than ever before. How can sales professionals excel in this environment? Enhance the buying experience!  [Read more…]

Teamwork-Essential For Increased Productivity and Profitability


The customer rules. If your entire team doesn’t excel in every aspect of the customer experience, customers will take their buying power elsewhere. Focused teamwork is essential.

Every single encounter that the customer has with your organization must be undeniably more superior to that provided by any of your competitors. If you can achieve this goal, your result will be a reputation for World-Class Customer Service and the highest levels of customer loyalty. You will also have the ability to obtain higher levels of customer advocacy, obtain more referrals, your company will benefit from advocates’ powerful word of mouth advertising, and you will see results where it counts…in your bottom line.   [Read more…]

Asking Questions and LISTENING

Asking Questions-Who What When Where Why How

Enhance your ability to close sales by developing the habit of asking questions and listening to what your prospect or existing customer has to say before you start selling. It is the most effective way to learn about your customer’s needs. Asking questions and listening also helps to gain your customer’s confidence, and shows them you care. [Read more…]

Business Success – Kill the Status Quo and Reinvent Your Company


For Business Success Avoid the Kiss of Death.

If you want to achieve business success, what would be the kiss of death? Whenever I deliver a presentation on leadership or business success, I pose this question to my audiences. Typical responses are… “Not taking action.” Or, “Poor customer service.” All of these are good answers, but not the one I want to hear. [Read more…]

It’s Never Enough To Be in Business — It’s Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence

I have had the privilege of working with many companies who are known for service excellence – the award-winning Caterpillar dealer, who makes his people role play during down time and uses a state of the art service measurement tool that measures every single aspect of service excellence – including the level of service executives and managers provide to employees, the top producing wealth management firm in Texas that gives clients the impression they are walking into the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton when entering the company’s elegant office and are greeted by the company’s “Director of First Impressions;” American Honda, whose employees rave about how well they are treated by their company; the Harley-Davidson dealer that holds short meetings every Friday morning before opening time to “talk-up” customer service and get people pumped up for sales … and so many more. These already outstanding organizations ask me to work with them because continuous improvement is one of their company’s core values. [Read more…]

Seven Smart Ways to
Build Your Referral Business

Ways to Get More Referrals

It often amazes me how many sales people and business owners tell me that they are uncomfortable asking for referrals.

Some don’t know how to ask, and some don’t ask at all. Referral business is the least expensive way to win new customers, has the highest possible leverage, and the best potential payoff. In addition, a prospect whose name you received through a referral may be more prone to return your call and less likely to look to another provider for their needs. [Read more…]