For Sales Success –
It’s the Buying Experience

For Sales Success It's the Buying Experience

Selling has become more complex than ever. Customers have more choices, are better informed, more discriminating, more cost-conscious, more “service savvy” more risk-adverse, and more demanding than ever before. How can sales professionals excel in this environment? Enhance the buying experience!  [Read more…]

It’s Never Enough To Be in Business — It’s Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence

I have had the privilege of working with many companies who are known for service excellence – the award-winning Caterpillar dealer, who makes his people role play during down time and uses a state of the art service measurement tool that measures every single aspect of service excellence – including the level of service executives and managers provide to employees, the top producing wealth management firm in Texas that gives clients the impression they are walking into the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton when entering the company’s elegant office and are greeted by the company’s “Director of First Impressions;” American Honda, whose employees rave about how well they are treated by their company; the Harley-Davidson dealer that holds short meetings every Friday morning before opening time to “talk-up” customer service and get people pumped up for sales … and so many more. These already outstanding organizations ask me to work with them because continuous improvement is one of their company’s core values. [Read more…]

Five Things to Ditch in 2015

Boring Meeting

1) Ditch the term “employee.” Progressive companies refer to their staff to as “business partners,” “colleagues,” “team members,” or “associates.”All of these infer a level of respect for the individual. Smart.

2) Ditch the term “customer satisfaction.” Satisfaction isn’t enough. Strive for higher levels of customer loyalty.

3) Ditch micro-managing. Instead, help, guide, approve, thank.

4) Ditch boring meetings. Maybe even ditch some of the meetings. How about a quick huddle?

5) Ditch the discussion of revenue and talk profitability to your “business partners.”

Employee Satisfaction


“Whose job is it to keep you motivated?”

When employees are asked this question, you might think the response would be “It’s my job to keep myself motivated.” But, in reality, the most frequent and correct answer is, “It’s my boss’s job.” [Read more…]

How to Motivate Customers to Buy from YOU: Three Simple Ways


Let’s face it. Customers have more ways to purchase, and more sales people knocking on their doors. They too, have quality products and services to offer. They too, boast high levels of customer satisfaction. Below are three simple yet effective ways to motivate customers to want to purchase from you rather than your competition. [Read more…]