Managing Older Employees

Managing Older Employees

“I’m so much younger than the people I lead. How do I manage people who are do much older than me? Many don’t take me seriously. Some don’t say anything, but their attitude and non-verbal communication shows me how they feel.” [Read more…]

Forging the Link Between Sales and Marketing


When Edwin Land successfully launched his classic invention, the Polaroid camera, he should have stopped there. Against the advice of his sales and marketing people (and without the benefit of market research which he detested), he introduced a device, called Polavision, (selling at the hefty price of $700) that would record an “instant color movie.” So convinced that this device would succeed, Land invested 68 million dollars to promote it. In spite of the desire and the dollars, the product failed. [Read more…]

Go Back to the Basics – Make a Business Plan

Business Charts

When a sports team is stuck in a losing streak, and feeling down and out what does the coach say? He or she usually claims that the team is going to “get back to the basics” with grueling practice drills to reverse the trend and boost the motivation. The same applies when executing a business plan. [Read more…]

Increase Your Sales – Stop Selling Start Building Relationships


If you want to increase your sales remember this: “Businesses don’t do business. People do business.”

Smart business professionals know this. In fact, the most successful business owners, executives, and sales professionals have one thing in common. They know how to build relationships that result in extraordinary returns—close personal customer connections that yield increased sales and long-term profitability. [Read more…]

Don’t Throw in the Towel Too Soon and Make Those Dreaded COLD CALLS


(An excerpt from the ebook-“The ART of Influencing Customers to BUY from YOU.”)

When should you stop calling a qualified prospect who doesn’t return your calls? I can remember the days when I was working in sales for an international training and development company. The sales manager gave me an answer to that question which still stays with me today. He said, “Until you hear the words “NO, I’m not interested.” [Read more…]

Problem Employees – How to Manage the Three Types


By Christine Corelli

“One bad apple can ruin…” You know the saying, and it holds true in the material handling business as well. If even one employee on your team exhibits undesirable behavior or does not perform up to speed, it’s a major problem for your entire company. Just one problem employee can lessen productivity and hurt the morale of your entire team. [Read more…]