Accountability – Establish It and Become Fit for Success


To survive in the most challenging business climate we’ve ever experienced, we’ve gotten “lean and mean.” We’ve downsized, reorganized, cut costs, and struggled to manage our working capital. We’ve had to make tough decisions and hard choices to survive. Now, it’s time to build the muscle in our businesses. We need to put smart practices in place to ensure our organizations are “Fit for Success.” What it requires is accountability.

What Accountability Looks Like

It’s a concentrated effort from every employee to be responsible for a positive result in every task, project, and every interaction with customers and coworkers. Is it easy to establish accountability? No. Is it possible? Absolutely. And it’s worthwhile. [Read more…]

The Rules of Accountability


“It takes much more than a great product or service and a smart competitive strategy to be successful in today’s business world. Instead, success requires the concentrated effort and support of everyone in your company. Your entire work force be must accountable, not only to management, but also to each other. When your people are accountable your organization will have a competitive edge. [Read more…]