Adapting to Change

Adapting to Change

Accept Change.

Adapting to change can be challenging.

Change is as continual as life. Things change, whether we welcome it or not. When you think about it, our own lives go through the same changes as organizations; we experience restructuring, downsizing, and “upsizing” just like companies do. Our own little “organizations” grow when we have kids and get smaller when they move out. Perhaps a separation or divorce causes us to go through a restructuring.

Change blows through our lives, sometimes like a breeze, sometimes like wind and sometimes like a storm. You can bow your head to try to buck it, hoping it will blow over. You’re not certain the change in your company or your personal life is for the better. You may even experience stress and personal resistance. The point is you can rarely do anything about the change, so it will best serve you to accept it and move on, and if it’s a change in your company, perhaps even promote it. You might consider focusing on positive opportunities change can bring and look upon adapting to it as a challenge. Encourage others to pull together for a positive result. In doing so, you will have some control over it. Change will never end until you experience that final life-ending change, and even then, life will go on without us. [Read more…]

Business Success – Kill the Status Quo and Reinvent Your Company


For Business Success Avoid the Kiss of Death.

If you want to achieve business success, what would be the kiss of death? Whenever I deliver a presentation on leadership or business success, I pose this question to my audiences. Typical responses are… “Not taking action.” Or, “Poor customer service.” All of these are good answers, but not the one I want to hear. [Read more…]

Five Things to Ditch in 2015

Boring Meeting

1) Ditch the term “employee.” Progressive companies refer to their staff to as “business partners,” “colleagues,” “team members,” or “associates.”All of these infer a level of respect for the individual. Smart.

2) Ditch the term “customer satisfaction.” Satisfaction isn’t enough. Strive for higher levels of customer loyalty.

3) Ditch micro-managing. Instead, help, guide, approve, thank.

4) Ditch boring meetings. Maybe even ditch some of the meetings. How about a quick huddle?

5) Ditch the discussion of revenue and talk profitability to your “business partners.”

Change Management – Don’t Worry Be Happy Through Change


Going through change? What company isn’t?  Change can cause chaos and try peoples’ very souls. But not at Burt’s Bees. Several years ago, this American personal care products manufacturer made the decision to undergo a major international expansion.  John Replogle, their CEO at that time, recognized the importance of helping their people manage the change transition. [Read more…]

Time to Tap into New Products?

Time for Change - Ornate ClockThrough all the instability we are facing with current economic conditions and threat of war, your company still needs to be receptive to seeking out innovative new products that will enhance your current product line and stimulate business growth. Although times are tough, you need to be proactive and learn where new products are available that can help you to expand your business. Recognize that you may need to find products overseas that can enhance your current product, or add to your product line. You can’t afford not to. [Read more…]