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ExpertisePageFor over twenty-five years, Christine Corelli has researched, studied, and analyzed practices that fuel high performance and give businesses and business professionals a competitive edge.  This work plus her experience working with the smartest business leaders and sales organizations across the globe has provided her with business savvy and expertise in these key areas of business.  (To see her in action, scroll down)



  •  “Everything starts and stops with leadership. Show me a great company – (business, team, store, restaurant,) I’ll show you a great leader. Show me happy and productive employees. I’ll show you a great leader.  Great leaders treat their employees as well as they treat their best customers. They excel in essential facets of dynamic leadership…. creating a smart competitive strategy, communicating that strategy throughout their entire organization or department, implementing changes necessary to create and sustain success, motivating employees, and executing their company’s competitive strategy. Most important, they know how to make employees feel they are working WITH them, and not FOR them.”


  • “Forget tough. Today, competition is fierce. If you want to win the race for increased sales, stop selling! Start building relationships. Stop talking. Start listening. Start spending your time on sales-related activities – visiting customers and prospects, working your territory, asking for referrals, cold-calling, and servicing existing customers. Do your paperwork at night or very early morning.  Study your industry, your competitors, your product, and your customer’s business so that you are far more knowledgeable than your competitors.  Position yourself as an indispensable business partner where your customers won’t think of leaving you. Most important, believe in what you sell or offer, believe in your company, believe in your team, and believe in yourself. Then, make the customer feel that same belief.”


  • “The world has changed, but the customer still rules! They have the power. They are the judge, the jury and they can be the executioner if even one single individual in your organization does not deliver the highest level of service. Delivering superior service is not optional. It is critical to your success.  Internal customer service is also critical. It  can’t happen on the outside if it doesn’t happen on the inside.  Get serious about customer service.”



  • “Your culture can make you or break you. Establishing a high performance culture or  what I refer to as a “Sales-Service Excellence Culture”  is vital to your success because you can’t have one without the other. Every individual must give their full support to your sales team, communicate effectively across departments and with customers and demonstrate the core values of your company.  Honesty, Integrity,  accountability, teamwork, respect, excellence, customer focus, health and safety, and continuous improvement will drive business growth and fuel high performance.”


  • Business has changed. Companies and people must adapt quickly.  This is no easy task. They must challenge the Status Quo and be more creative than ever. Companies are not short of ideas. Where they fall short is implementing them and managing change. It’s the same with individuals.  People attend a conference or great seminar and  fail to implement the ideas and skills they learn.   Execution must be a strong part of your competitive strategy.”

Group Dynamics Expert 

Christine is a master at obtaining audience interaction – even with the toughest audiences. Richard Eichelberger, former President now Treasurer of Lobar, Inc. Construction Services, has brought Christine back repeatedly to work with his company. He stated: Thank you for providing our team with the best motivational messages we have heard in many years. You really have a special skill in connecting with our hard-to-reach construction workers. Your sincerity came through loud and clear which really reinforces your messages on teamwork and building strong customer relationships.”

Photo of Christine addressing an audience at a client’s VIP Customer event


Photo of Christine at an all employee meeting 


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Personal Success Expert –

Is Christine an expert on personal success?  You’ve got to be kidding! Read Christine’s amazing story in her newest book release, Roadmap to Success.  Better yet, book her and hear it live.

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