Go After the Big Fish- Three Sales Lessons From a Stingray Experience

Stingrays are generally docile and will swim close to divers and snorkelers. I experienced this just last week while on a much needed vacation in the Cayman Islands. I confess, I was really scared of them at first – especially the really big ones like the one below. But when I saw other people enjoying the experience, I overcame my fear. When one swam up to me I  held it in my arms, hoping it wouldn’t react to the pounding of my heart and my shaking hands.

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How to Project the Right Stuff as a Business Professional

 business professional

As a business professional, your success is largely dependent upon your ability to build strong relationships with your customers, potential customers, suppliers, employees, vendors, and peers. [Read more…]

Increase Your Sales – Stop Selling Start Building Relationships


If you want to increase your sales remember this: “Businesses don’t do business. People do business.”

Smart business professionals know this. In fact, the most successful business owners, executives, and sales professionals have one thing in common. They know how to build relationships that result in extraordinary returns—close personal customer connections that yield increased sales and long-term profitability. [Read more…]

Sales Communication Tips for Financial Advisors


I came across an article on InvestmentExecutive.com you may want to read. It addresses how overall, Canadian financial services professionals need to do a better job of communicating the value of what they offer, and clearly define their value proposition. This holds true for American professionals as well. In fact, studies have proven that no matter what you sell or offer, 85% of your overall career success is in direct proportion to your ability to communicate. This holds especially true when communicating the value of obtaining the services of a financial advisor. [Read more…]

How to Motivate Customers to Buy from YOU: Three Simple Ways


Let’s face it. Customers have more ways to purchase, and more sales people knocking on their doors. They too, have quality products and services to offer. They too, boast high levels of customer satisfaction. Below are three simple yet effective ways to motivate customers to want to purchase from you rather than your competition. [Read more…]