Demonstrate Dynamic Leadership


How to Demonstrate Dynamic Leadership And Why You Should Establish a “Zero-Tolerance” for Bad Bosses in Your Business

In far too many businesses leadership has fallen by the wayside. The economy, rising costs, demanding customers, and fierce competition has caused most business owners and managers to have little, if any, time to think about their ability to lead. Rarely do they stop and think about how much more productive and profitable they could be if they stopped and paid more attention to this critical area of business.

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Teamwork-Essential For Increased Productivity and Profitability


The customer rules. If your entire team doesn’t excel in every aspect of the customer experience, customers will take their buying power elsewhere. Focused teamwork is essential.

Every single encounter that the customer has with your organization must be undeniably more superior to that provided by any of your competitors. If you can achieve this goal, your result will be a reputation for World-Class Customer Service and the highest levels of customer loyalty. You will also have the ability to obtain higher levels of customer advocacy, obtain more referrals, your company will benefit from advocates’ powerful word of mouth advertising, and you will see results where it counts…in your bottom line.   [Read more…]



Bad Bosses

Why do some companies tolerate “bad-bosses?”  How can they expect their employees to come to work each day and deliver their best performance if their bosses are bad?

Bad Bosses Still Exist
There is so much talk and emphasis on leadership today and why bosses should not be “bosses” they should be leaders. Yet, in my work as a consultant on creating a high performance culture, people still tell me they are working for a bad boss. [Read more…]

Go Back to the Basics – Make a Business Plan

Business Charts

When a sports team is stuck in a losing streak, and feeling down and out what does the coach say? He or she usually claims that the team is going to “get back to the basics” with grueling practice drills to reverse the trend and boost the motivation. The same applies when executing a business plan. [Read more…]

Motivation – Why All Bosses Are Not Created Equal


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Business Growth – Do You Have the Drive to Win?


Whether you’re a business owner, an executive, or a manager, you’re always faced with the challenging task of finding new ideas and strategies that will drive business growth. If you drive smart, your result can be well worth the long trip to increased sales, higher commissions, advanced levels of customer retention, improved productivity, and increased profitability. [Read more…]