“The Purpose of Life is to Have a Life With a Purpose”


We each have a life to live – and hopefully one that has meaning, purpose, and direction. Our work and our jobs are important, but it should never be what defines us. What defines us is what kind of person we are.   [Read more…]

How To Institute Change

Time for Change - Ornate Clock

This article has been published in CRM Magazine the official publication of the
Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, Fuji Film, and additional trade publications.

One of the most challenging and important responsibilities for leaders is to institute change. Managerial calls to embrace change are often met with resistance and uncertainty. If not managed correctly, disgruntled employees, profit loss, poor performance and unacceptable levels of customer service can be the result. Below are methods to help you manage the transition process. [Read more…]

Teamwork – Aligning Your Team


Forget tough! Today’s competition is fierce! Now, more than ever, your commitment to establishing a true “team” culture is vital to your company’s future success, because it is the key to obtaining a strong competitive advantage. [Read more…]

Managing and Motivating the Younger Generation


What Young Employees Want

One of the most challenging issues facing managers today is managing and motivating the Younger Generation. Many think it’s impossible to bridge the gap, yet others have been very successful in obtaining high performance from “Gen Y.” They have realized that it’s a myth that young people don’t want to work hard. [Read more…]