Business Success – Kill the Status Quo and Reinvent Your Company


For Business Success Avoid the Kiss of Death.

If you want to achieve business success, what would be the kiss of death? Whenever I deliver a presentation on leadership or business success, I pose this question to my audiences. Typical responses are… “Not taking action.” Or, “Poor customer service.” All of these are good answers, but not the one I want to hear. [Read more…]

It’s Never Enough To Be in Business — It’s Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence

I have had the privilege of working with many companies who are known for service excellence – the award-winning Caterpillar dealer, who makes his people role play during down time and uses a state of the art service measurement tool that measures every single aspect of service excellence – including the level of service executives and managers provide to employees, the top producing wealth management firm in Texas that gives clients the impression they are walking into the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton when entering the company’s elegant office and are greeted by the company’s “Director of First Impressions;” American Honda, whose employees rave about how well they are treated by their company; the Harley-Davidson dealer that holds short meetings every Friday morning before opening time to “talk-up” customer service and get people pumped up for sales … and so many more. These already outstanding organizations ask me to work with them because continuous improvement is one of their company’s core values. [Read more…]

Conflict Can Destroy You or Make You Great


When you think of the word “conflict” you likely associate it with the words friction, disharmony, rivalry, disagreement, clash, dissonance, disunity, and yes…stress. “Not seeing eye-to-eye” might come to mind as well. None of these conditions are healthy, but they are not uncommon in any organization. [Read more…]

Avoid the Family Owned Business Blues


AVoid Family-owned business problemsManaging any business is tough, but running a family owned business is even tougher. Internal conflicts, family matters, business concerns, and ownership transition make running the business very complicated, and often emotionally charged. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, only 33% of family owned businesses survive the transition from first generation ownership to the next generation.

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Accountability – Establish It and Become Fit for Success


To survive in the most challenging business climate we’ve ever experienced, we’ve gotten “lean and mean.” We’ve downsized, reorganized, cut costs, and struggled to manage our working capital. We’ve had to make tough decisions and hard choices to survive. Now, it’s time to build the muscle in our businesses. We need to put smart practices in place to ensure our organizations are “Fit for Success.” What it requires is accountability.

What Accountability Looks Like

It’s a concentrated effort from every employee to be responsible for a positive result in every task, project, and every interaction with customers and coworkers. Is it easy to establish accountability? No. Is it possible? Absolutely. And it’s worthwhile. [Read more…]

Go Back to the Basics – Make a Business Plan

Business Charts

When a sports team is stuck in a losing streak, and feeling down and out what does the coach say? He or she usually claims that the team is going to “get back to the basics” with grueling practice drills to reverse the trend and boost the motivation. The same applies when executing a business plan. [Read more…]