The Good Boss


(Following is an excerpt from Christine’s manual – Hiring and Retaining Quality Employees)

Those of you who are familiar with my work know I often speak of how I’ve come across a few companies who seem to tolerate “bad-bosses” – leaders who destroy morale and dampen productivity. Some have actually caused quality employees to leave. [Read more…]



Would You Work for YOU? + Dealing With a Bad Boss

Even in today’s economy, the cost of employee turnover is high. Consider the expended time and money in recruiting, advertising, and training, and the lost productivity, increased stress and low morale that comes with turnover. Triple all of this if a person has been a valuable asset to your company. You simply can’t afford to lose a high contributor. The following is an excerpt from the manual, Hiring and Retaining Quality Employees: [Read more…]

Problem Employees – How to Manage the Three Types


By Christine Corelli

“One bad apple can ruin…” You know the saying, and it holds true in the material handling business as well. If even one employee on your team exhibits undesirable behavior or does not perform up to speed, it’s a major problem for your entire company. Just one problem employee can lessen productivity and hurt the morale of your entire team. [Read more…]