Bad Apple Employees

Negative People

Results of an Interesting Study: Good employees quit at a 54% higher rate when they work with a toxic (bad-apple employee.)

The cost to engage a toxic employee is 3x that of a non-toxic employee.

Applicants who are self-proclaimed “rule followers” are 33% more likely to be a toxic employee.

Source: Cornerstone [Read more…]

How to Deal With Negative People — The Princes and Princesses of Pessimism

Negative People

All of us have come across negative people. For them, negativity is the driving force in their lives. When they go home at night, they complain about their customers, their jobs, their bosses, and the traffic. Then they park themselves in front of the TV and tune out the rest of the world. When it comes to making plans for their future they simply don’t because they are stuck wherever they are, which is usually in their own minds. They consider themselves “victims” of whomever or whatever. Sadly, they do not realize that thinking of themselves as victims of their world keeps them feeling oppressed and holds them back from professional accomplishment and personal happiness. [Read more…]

Avoid Negaholics

Avoid Negaholics

Seems like every time I write about negative people, I get lots of hits on my site, and “forwards” of Monday Morning Motivation. It’s no wonder, there are a lot of really negative grumpy people out there these days. [Read more…]

Problem Employees – How to Manage the Three Types


By Christine Corelli

“One bad apple can ruin…” You know the saying, and it holds true in the material handling business as well. If even one employee on your team exhibits undesirable behavior or does not perform up to speed, it’s a major problem for your entire company. Just one problem employee can lessen productivity and hurt the morale of your entire team. [Read more…]