Business Growth-In the Long Road Ahead, Who Will Come Out as a Winner?


Considering today’s challenging business climate, unstable  economic conditions, more cost-conscious customers, and ferocious competition, you can’t help but wonder: “In the long road ahead, who will come out as a winner? [Read more…]

Building Business Relationships

Diverse business group meeting

“Mutually Beneficial Business Relationships Breed Long Term Profitability”

Sales and business growth is all about establishing and then developing good business relationships. This takes time and energy–a lot of both. Gone are the days when you showed your customer your product and they said, “Let’s write it up.” If you offer a service, it takes even longer to do. And be assured, you must work hard to build your name and build your customer base. [Read more…]

Increase Your Sales – Stop Selling Start Building Relationships


If you want to increase your sales remember this: “Businesses don’t do business. People do business.”

Smart business professionals know this. In fact, the most successful business owners, executives, and sales professionals have one thing in common. They know how to build relationships that result in extraordinary returns—close personal customer connections that yield increased sales and long-term profitability. [Read more…]