Avoid the Family Owned Business Blues


AVoid Family-owned business problemsManaging any business is tough, but running a family owned business is even tougher. Internal conflicts, family matters, business concerns, and ownership transition make running the business very complicated, and often emotionally charged. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, only 33% of family owned businesses survive the transition from first generation ownership to the next generation.

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Business Growth-In the Long Road Ahead, Who Will Come Out as a Winner?


Considering today’s challenging business climate, unstable  economic conditions, more cost-conscious customers, and ferocious competition, you can’t help but wonder: “In the long road ahead, who will come out as a winner? [Read more…]

Peer Support


You’ve heard the expression “no one is an island unto himself.” We all need help and support through life. In today’s business climate, this statement has never been more accurate. Companies are requiring more work from fewer staff and have higher performance requirements, while resources that help maintain high morale have been trimmed or eliminated. Under these conditions, business professionals are experiencing higher levels of job stress and many companies are finding it difficult to maintain high morale. There’s an essential team skill companies can apply that can help. It’s called peer support. [Read more…]

Professional Development and Competitive Advantage in Business


Don’t Stunt Your Growth – Learn to Love to Learn.
Plus Obtain a Competitive Advantage.


With the instability of national economic conditions, you may be feeling a lot more insecure than you used to. Reductions in work force, a weak job market, and the pressures of working in a tough business climate are probably making you sit back and ask yourself, [Read more…]