The High Performance Workplace


for Construction Financial Management Association

You’ve just completed checking over a new subcontractor’s construction expenditures on a large hospital project. You had reservations about using a new subcontractor on such a visible project, but the construction manager was able to persuade the CEO about the firm’s capabilities. Now, you’re beginning to see cost overruns that you will need to nip in the bud if you are to deliver the project within budget. You get up from your desk to pour yourself another cup of coffee before tackling the next task. There’s still a huge amount of work you need to get done before the end of the day, but you pour the steamy brew and pause for a few moments to gaze at the people around you. [Read more…]

Motivation – Why All Bosses Are Not Created Equal


This article is one of Christine’s most popular articles. It has been published in American
Chamber Executives Association, ISSA Prochem UK, Prochem Australia, Construction
Financial Management Association and numerous trade publications worldwide. [Read more…]