Demonstrate Dynamic Leadership


How to Demonstrate Dynamic Leadership And Why You Should Establish a “Zero-Tolerance” for Bad Bosses in Your Business

In far too many businesses leadership has fallen by the wayside. The economy, rising costs, demanding customers, and fierce competition has caused most business owners and managers to have little, if any, time to think about their ability to lead. Rarely do they stop and think about how much more productive and profitable they could be if they stopped and paid more attention to this critical area of business.

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Smart to Think as “Merchants” and Entrepreneurs


How can you create and sustain success in today’s highly competitive business environment?

If you’ve ever heard me speak, you’ve probably heard me talk about the Five Critical Success Factors for Business Growth and Profitability.

Number One is a dynamic leadership. Dynamic leadership must be displayed by the “Top-Banana” and the entire leadership team.

Dynamic leaders are not only proficient in managing and motivating staff, but they can also create a smart competitive strategy. A strong part of that strategy should be a marketing plan that makes their competitors’ plans look weak in comparison. This holds true for businesses of all sizes. (You will receive more on this topic in the future.) [Read more…]

The Rules of Accountability


“It takes much more than a great product or service and a smart competitive strategy to be successful in today’s business world. Instead, success requires the concentrated effort and support of everyone in your company. Your entire work force be must accountable, not only to management, but also to each other. When your people are accountable your organization will have a competitive edge. [Read more…]

Business Development for 2012

Make An Impact in 2012

The companies, executives, teams, and entrepreneurs I have worked with throughout 2010 all have this in common: They all want 2012 to be a great year! To make that happen, you need a smart competitive strategy and dynamic leadership throughout your entire organization.
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