Change Management – Don’t Worry Be Happy Through Change


Going through change? What company isn’t?  Change can cause chaos and try peoples’ very souls. But not at Burt’s Bees. Several years ago, this American personal care products manufacturer made the decision to undergo a major international expansion.  John Replogle, their CEO at that time, recognized the importance of helping their people manage the change transition. [Read more…]

Business Development for 2012

Make An Impact in 2012

The companies, executives, teams, and entrepreneurs I have worked with throughout 2010 all have this in common: They all want 2012 to be a great year! To make that happen, you need a smart competitive strategy and dynamic leadership throughout your entire organization.
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Professional Development and Competitive Advantage in Business


Don’t Stunt Your Growth – Learn to Love to Learn.
Plus Obtain a Competitive Advantage.


With the instability of national economic conditions, you may be feeling a lot more insecure than you used to. Reductions in work force, a weak job market, and the pressures of working in a tough business climate are probably making you sit back and ask yourself, [Read more…]