Capture Your Competitors’ Customers – Even When The Boss Says It Can’t Be Done


While conducting research for my new book, Capture Your Competitors’ Customers, and KEEP Them, Bob Faught, a valued client and VP of Marketing for Nova Solutions, shared the experience below. (At the time it occurred, he was a regional sales manager for a commercial furniture manufacturer.) [Read more…]

The Good Boss


(Following is an excerpt from Christine’s manual – Hiring and Retaining Quality Employees)

Those of you who are familiar with my work know I often speak of how I’ve come across a few companies who seem to tolerate “bad-bosses” – leaders who destroy morale and dampen productivity. Some have actually caused quality employees to leave. [Read more…]

Business Development for 2012

Make An Impact in 2012

The companies, executives, teams, and entrepreneurs I have worked with throughout 2010 all have this in common: They all want 2012 to be a great year! To make that happen, you need a smart competitive strategy and dynamic leadership throughout your entire organization.
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