Serious About Client Service? – Seven Steps to Improve Your Service

Are You Serious About Client Service? – Seven Steps to Improve Your Service

Are you serious about improving the level of service you now provide? Of course you are! Providing outstanding client service is an imperative for business success. This holds true whether you have 10 or 10,000 people working for you. Below are Seven Steps you can take to make a positive impression and improve the level of client service you now provide. [Read more…]

Achieving Success in Sales When Your Boss Doesn’t Believe You Can


A partner in an international training and development company heard of a young woman who was seeking a career change. Although she had no real experience in sales, she came highly recommended for her strong work ethic and impressive interpersonal skills. She was soon hired but provisionally. The company was just willing to try her out and see what she could do. [Read more…]

Tips for Financial Advisors Success at a Client Event


Financial Advisors and Financial Service Professionals and Wealth Management Firms-

Do You Know How to Connect at an Event and Avoid Missing New Client Opportunities?

It’s amazing how few insurance and financial services professionals have no clue how to make connections at an event.  I’ve seen too many pros attend networking events in hopes of making connections that will result in new clients, but they don’t know how to maximize the opportunities these events provide. I’ve been at numerous financial advisor and wealth management client events. These cost a great deal of time and money. The people work hard to promote the event to ensure a good turnout, then fail to connect at the event in the right way. [Read more…]

How to Organize Your Mind, Your Work, and Your Life


EEE GADS! Organize or Agonize!

We all have too much to do, too little time. That’s our constant challenge. The solution? Get organized. The alternative? To agonize over the fact that we can never get all of our work done and never seem to have time for ourselves. There’s a real fear the harried will soon be buried. Sound familiar? What to do? [Read more…]