Sales Managers —
Don’t Waste Your Time
Coaching The Wrong Sales People

Are you providing sales coaching to the wrong people? I categorize sales professionals in three groups. 1) Sales Strugglers, 2) Sales Makers and 3) Sales Champions. [Read more…]

“The Purpose of Life is to Have a Life With a Purpose”


We each have a life to live – and hopefully one that has meaning, purpose, and direction. Our work and our jobs are important, but it should never be what defines us. What defines us is what kind of person we are.   [Read more…]

I’m One Tough Customer


Who am I? Permit me, please, to describe myself…i’m one tough customer!

I want service now! [Read more…]



Who Am I? I’m One Tough Customer

I’m either Your No. 1 fan or – your worst nightmare.

How you treat me will decide which

Who am I? Permit me, please, to describe myself… [Read more…]