How to Know you’re On the Right Motivational Path

Guest Post by: Doug Dvorak

Motivational Path

It can be easy to lose your way in life. One day you can be perfectly clear on where you want to go and the next day you suddenly feel lost and lack true motivation. If you want to know you are on the right motivational path that will take you where you want to go, make sure you are doing the following: [Read more…]

“The Purpose of Life is to Have a Life With a Purpose”


We each have a life to live – and hopefully one that has meaning, purpose, and direction. Our work and our jobs are important, but it should never be what defines us. What defines us is what kind of person we are.   [Read more…]

Go Back to the Basics – Make a Business Plan

Business Charts

When a sports team is stuck in a losing streak, and feeling down and out what does the coach say? He or she usually claims that the team is going to “get back to the basics” with grueling practice drills to reverse the trend and boost the motivation. The same applies when executing a business plan. [Read more…]

Don’t Kill Creativity!


I’ve seen many managers inadvertently kill creativity in their employees either because they are close-minded, or because of their frantic efforts just to get work done by a deadline. Managers can learn to maximize creativity without killing it in the process. One way to stimulate creativity is to give employees new and challenging assignments, but not so difficult they feel overwhelmed. Be sure to give them specific goals but do not dictate how they should be met. They will likely use their creativity if you give them the freedom to decide how to climb a mountain. This is an effective way to ignite the fire under some of the employees who are average performers and turn them into Achievers as they will feel they are contributing to the decision-making. [Read more…]

Do You Have a Bad Boss?


The bad boss. We’ve all had at least one. Hopefully, not more than one and, still more hopefully, we haven’t been one ourselves. [Read more…]

Collaboration Breeds Success


You’ve often heard me state, “Businesses don’t do business. People do!” With all the mergers, reorganization, branding, CRM, smart strategic initiatives, and all other “sure-fire” methods to beat your competition, it’s your company’s human capital who holds the key to sustainable, long-term growth. [Read more…]