Why It’s Smart to be Direct When Communicating

Why It's Smart to be Direct

Why is it smart to be direct when you communicate?

The answer is simple: Interacting with a person who is not honest and direct can be frustrating. When an individual  states their position in a direct manner, honestly, and with tact and diplomacy is far better. Below are seven reasons why it’s smart to be direct when you communicate and why direct communication should be encouraged in your company.

When You Communicate With Someone Who is Direct  

1) You don’t have to guess what the individual is thinking because they know how to communicate their thoughts and openly express their feelings. The key to their success is their use of tact and diplomacy. Before they open their mouth to speak, they ask themselves, “How would I feel if I were in this person’s position?” Then, they choose their words carefully.

2) You know where you stand with them. You don’t have to wonder about your relationship because if you ask them how about a sensitive issue, they’ll tell you. When asked, they will tactfully preface their position with a “verbal cushion” such as, “I understand how you feel about this matter.” Then, they’ll state their position and follow it with “How would you feel if we agreed to . . ..” And last, they’ll ASK for your cooperation-“How about if we agree that we will …” “Here’s where you can improve…”

3) You can rely on them. Direct people are usually trustworthy and will do what they say they will do. Likewise, when they want to be able to rely on YOU, they’ll say, “Can I rely on you to…”

4) You won’t get “lip-service.” You won’t have to wonder whether they are simply telling you what they think you want to hear.

5) You don’t have to figure out whether they are angry or upset about something. They usually deal with their anger openly and want to resolve it quickly. When they don’t know how to handle a difficult situation they wait until they think things through first before they approach you to address the matter.

6) You won’t get a knife in your back. (That’s a good thing!) Direct people rarely talk about you behind your back. They will address matters directly to you, and not others.

7) You can be assertive with them because they will be assertive with you and if both parties are smart, neither will become aggressive. It’s wise to apply tact and diplomacy when communicating.

Think about it. In the workplace and in our personal lives. . .

Wouldn’t life be easier if we were all direct with each other?
Wouldn’t life be easier if people didn’t beat around the bush?
Wouldn’t life be easier if we all used tact and diplomacy when communicating?
Wouldn’t life be easier if we could all be direct and assertive without being aggressive?
Wouldn’t life be easier if we all asked for cooperation and never demanded it?”
Wouldn’t live be easier if we worked and lived with people whom we felt we could BE direct?
Wouldn’t life be easier if your boss said, “Be straight with me. Tell me what you think.”
Wouldn’t life be easier if we could all be direct and strive for WIN/WIN relationships?
Wouldn’t life be easier if we lived in a perfect world? Well we don’t. That is unrealistic. I am a realist.

I encourage you to be direct and assertive, but always with tact and diplomacy. For more on communication skills –



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