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“I want every every department at every location to be “Centers of Operational Excellence.” That was a strategic initiative of the President of a major manufacturer who hired me as a consultant and speaker. I was told not to take on the project if I thought I couldn’t raise the level of performance by at least 15% in a six month period.

Centers of Operational Excellence?

I thought about how to approach this. I decided that first and foremost, the organization needed to define the word if it was to be a part of their culture. The Encarta World English Dictionary defines it as –

A quality or state of being outstanding and superior.  A simpler term might be –

“Being the best at what you do.”

When I worked with the Operations Department, I had to think about operational excellence and clearly define the term.  I believe it exists when every employee understands the flow of value, and when there is continuous improvement in the flow of that value.

To assist you in this area, create a simple visual flow map.  Using this approach, your employees will be able to obtain new ideas and identify breakdowns. They will also have a clear idea of the role they play.

Operational excellence occurs when your entire organization operates like a well-oiled machine. That way, leaders can focus on what is most important – creating, dreaming, strategizing, improving operations, helping with sales, and finding innovative ideas. These are the things that help companies grow and prosper.

Operational excellence requires a great deal more. For now, strive for excellence in all you do. If it seems too overwhelming, think of what my colleague Alan Weiss says  “If you can improve by 1% a day, in 70 days you’ll be twice as good.”

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