You Work For A Bad Boss? What to Do

bad boss

If you’ve read my book, Wake Up and Smell the Competition, or attended one of my  presentations on leadership or employee motivation, you know I believe that every company should adopt a “Zero Tolerance for Bad Bosses” policy. [Read more…]

Create a Winning Team With Confidence


Every season, sports professionals state with supreme confidence that they will be the champions by the end of their respective seasons. Of course, there can be only one champion. No way around it. [Read more…]

Increase Your Sales With Smart Sales Management


Increase Your Sales with smart sales management! Dead last? Turn it around!

A few years ago, a sales manager inherited a ten-person sales team that was ranked dead last out of 64 branches. His one and only producer was an 18-year veteran with the company. [Read more…]

Don’t Kill Creativity!


I’ve seen many managers inadvertently kill creativity in their employees either because they are close-minded, or because of their frantic efforts just to get work done by a deadline. Managers can learn to maximize creativity without killing it in the process. One way to stimulate creativity is to give employees new and challenging assignments, but not so difficult they feel overwhelmed. Be sure to give them specific goals but do not dictate how they should be met. They will likely use their creativity if you give them the freedom to decide how to climb a mountain. This is an effective way to ignite the fire under some of the employees who are average performers and turn them into Achievers as they will feel they are contributing to the decision-making. [Read more…]

Employee Satisfaction


“Whose job is it to keep you motivated?”

When employees are asked this question, you might think the response would be “It’s my job to keep myself motivated.” But, in reality, the most frequent and correct answer is, “It’s my boss’s job.” [Read more…]

What Employees Want


With all the re-engineering, downsizing, reorganizing, take-overs, mergers acquisitions, outsourcing, and other sure-fire strategies businesses are using to survive during a tough economy, it’s time for us to realize that our human resources hold the key to sustainable, long-term growth. Employees can offer solutions to problems, methods to improve productivity, creative ideas to improve products and services, and even insight on what management needs to do to move forward. That assumes, of course, that you have a workforce of people who want to come to work every day, ready to serve you and your customers, and that you provide an environment that encourages high performance. [Read more…]