Executives! Are You Being Guarded? Beware!

Executives! Are You Being Guarded? Beware!

“Make sure whatever you send to the President goes through me first. If you want to speak to him on the phone or see him do the same. I have to protect him from getting bogged down with too much information and too many appointments.”

This is what managers, directors, and supervisors are told by a client’s executive secretary. If you have your secretary or assistant do the same, beware. [Read more…]

Tips for Selling Financial Services For New Advisors

By Guest Writer Emma Crosby
Tips for Financial Advisors

While there are many factors that are universal when it comes to achieving success in sales, there are some that are specific to selling financial services. Some are simply because of the nature of those services, and others are because they are services rather than products or commodities.

There’s a big difference between selling financial products and selling financial services, and it’s important to understand that even before getting into the business. Every client is different, and they have different needs, and that means they each require different solutions. It’s crucial to treat every client as an individual, and making a personal connection with each client you work with is a good way to help achieve this. Making a personal connection is increasingly important in all areas of sales, whether it’s in retail, customer service, or financial services. Also important is understanding that most clients don’t want to buy your services and then just walk away—they want your advice, too. For the most part, everyone who sells financial services is selling the same products; the difference you provide is you, and how you tailor those products to your clients’ needs. [Read more…]

Intuition Is In!


Men call it a “gut feeling.” Women call it “intuition.” Whatever you call it, it’s something you need to pay attention to. Usually, it springs up from deep within, and when you least expect it. Scientists and artists refer to it again and again as one of the key elements in their work. Heeding it can help you to analyze ideas, information and people. [Read more…]

When To Attend an Industry Trade Show?


Attending your industry trade show–especially during this shaky economy-could be the best business move you will ever make. To keep going in business without losing your footing, you need to have complete, up-to-date information about what is happening in your marketplace. In addition, you need to make connections and meet with people face-to face to really determine what is going on in your industry. [Read more…]

Attending a Trade Show


You made the effort and attended the show,
now what do you do with all the information that you gathered? [Read more…]

Employee Engagement – Engaged? Who Me?


Employee engagement has all the earmarks of a marriage—a business one anyway. It exists when an employee feels that he or she has a job with an employer they support, believe in, and to which they can make a personal contribution. [Read more…]