Bad Apple Employees

Negative People

Results of an Interesting Study: Good employees quit at a 54% higher rate when they work with a toxic (bad-apple employee.)

The cost to engage a toxic employee is 3x that of a non-toxic employee.

Applicants who are self-proclaimed “rule followers” are 33% more likely to be a toxic employee.

Source: Cornerstone

“One bad apple can ruin…”

That’s right. You know the saying and it holds true. If even one employee on your team exhibits undesirable behavior or does not perform up to speed, it’s not just your problem – it’s a major problem for your company.

Just one problem employee can lessen productivity and hurt the morale of your entire department. Worse, if they don’t treat customers right, it can affect your bottom line.

The Impact on Top Performers
Under-performers, toxic, bad apple type employees have a negative affect on your top performers who resent having to take up the slack and hate working with negative people who complain, cause conflict, are doing the bare minimum, or are simply incompetent.

Top performing employees will become increasingly frustrated when working with bad-apple employees. Quality employees may lose respect for you if you tolerate bad behavior and poor performance from anyone on your team. In turn, they will lose confidence in your ability to manage. Eventually, they will stop working at the highest level or, even worse, they may look elsewhere for a new job.

Bad-Apple Employees – The Impact on Customers
Yet another reason to take action with a problem employee is that customers talk. Just one negative encounter with any individual in your company can be a disaster. This is something you simply can’t afford.

So how did this negative, toxic, bad-apple type person come to be on your team? There’s something wrong with your hiring process. Fix it.

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