Capture Your Competitors’ Customers – Even When The Boss Says It Can’t Be Done


While conducting research for my new book, Capture Your Competitors’ Customers, and KEEP Them, Bob Faught, a valued client and VP of Marketing for Nova Solutions, shared the experience below. (At the time it occurred, he was a regional sales manager for a commercial furniture manufacturer.) [Read more…]

Managing and Motivating the Younger Generation


What Young Employees Want

One of the most challenging issues facing managers today is managing and motivating the Younger Generation. Many think it’s impossible to bridge the gap, yet others have been very successful in obtaining high performance from “Gen Y.” They have realized that it’s a myth that young people don’t want to work hard. [Read more…]

Sales Communication Tips for Financial Advisors


I came across an article on you may want to read. It addresses how overall, Canadian financial services professionals need to do a better job of communicating the value of what they offer, and clearly define their value proposition. This holds true for American professionals as well. In fact, studies have proven that no matter what you sell or offer, 85% of your overall career success is in direct proportion to your ability to communicate. This holds especially true when communicating the value of obtaining the services of a financial advisor. [Read more…]

Teamwork Article

Racing Teamwork GoodyearForget tough. Today’s competition is fierce! Now, more than ever, your commitment to establishing a true “team” culture is not optional, it is vital to your company’s success, and is a major key to survival in today’s tough economy. [Read more…]

Dealing With Conflict


Webster defines conflict as discord, disharmony, friction, antagonism, rivalry, disagreement, dissonance, disunity. No company, team, or relationship can be successful if a conflict situation exists and is not addressed. [Read more…]

Problem Employees – How to Manage the Three Types


By Christine Corelli

“One bad apple can ruin…” You know the saying, and it holds true in the material handling business as well. If even one employee on your team exhibits undesirable behavior or does not perform up to speed, it’s a major problem for your entire company. Just one problem employee can lessen productivity and hurt the morale of your entire team. [Read more…]