Intuition Is In!


Men call it a “gut feeling.” Women call it “intuition.” Whatever you call it, it’s something you need to pay attention to. Usually, it springs up from deep within, and when you least expect it. Scientists and artists refer to it again and again as one of the key elements in their work. Heeding it can help you to analyze ideas, information and people.

In the past, speaking about it in the business world was considered frivolous, too “touchy-feely.” In today’s world, however, business is taking the matter of intuition to heart. Many are training their executives and sales people to learn how to use intuition to help them achieve productive results.

Perhaps you would be wise to pay attention to that strong little voice inside your head and not dismiss them. Learn to trust your gut feelings and remain open to them, especially when it comes to people. If you have a sense you should not trust someone completely, don’t. If you have to make a big decision, hold off and wait until your gut tells you what to do.

If you’ve had inhibitions about using your intuition in the past, wake up! It’s a different world. You need to use all your senses. Don’t muffle that voice, whether you hear it as a loud shout or a quiet whisper. It’s your intuition at work.


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Christine Corelli is a motivational, keynote, business, leadership, sales, and customer service speaker, sales trainer, and author of six business books. As a keynote speaker, she is known for her high energy and interactive speaking style.

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