Be an Ambassador or An Assassin


Competition is getting tougher every minute. In fact, your competition is vying for YOUR customers and plotting ways to get them as you’re reading! [Read more…]

Competition – The Customer Has a Choice!



Competition has always been tough, but today, competition is fierce. There are higher customer expectations, more price comparing, and that old “price is too high” issue that must be overcome. As a result, today’s customer has become more demanding than ever. And, if you cannot provide what they want, how they want it, as fast as they want it, and at the price they’re willing to pay for it, they’ll simply go to your competitor. That’s the cold hard truth. [Read more…]

Business Growth – Do You Have the Drive to Win?


Whether you’re a business owner, an executive, or a manager, you’re always faced with the challenging task of finding new ideas and strategies that will drive business growth. If you drive smart, your result can be well worth the long trip to increased sales, higher commissions, advanced levels of customer retention, improved productivity, and increased profitability. [Read more…]