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Competition has always been tough, but today, competition is fierce. There are higher customer expectations, more price comparing, and that old “price is too high” issue that must be overcome. As a result, today’s customer has become more demanding than ever. And, if you cannot provide what they want, how they want it, as fast as they want it, and at the price they’re willing to pay for it, they’ll simply go to your competitor. That’s the cold hard truth.

How do you compete in this environment? You must add VALUE by providing quality customer service, product support, and state of the art expertise in what you offer. You must also have an innate ability to develop strong customer relationships. Most important, you must find cutting-edge solutions to any customer service problems that may exist. All of these are crucial to the success of your company, if not your very survival. Indeed, you must provide a higher level of service than your competitors in every aspect of doing business with them. And, each customer encounter must be a positive experience. If it is not, they will obtain your services once, and only once.

Below are methods to help you win-over today’s tough customers. . .

Focus on the Voice of the Customer and LISTEN

Are you in tune with your customers? Do you truly listen to them? Listening is the only means by which you can learn what their concerns really are. Remember: Customers need you to listen to THEIR concerns. They want to make sure that you understand THEIR needs, priorities and expectations. If you don’t listen, they’ll find someone who does. ASK what is important to them. Ask how they are doing. Ask if there’s anything more you can do for them. Ask, and listen—the two keys required if you want to demonstrate that you care.


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