To Retreat, or Not to Retreat?


How to Hold an Effective Corporate Retreat

Corporate retreats represent a significant investment of time and energy. Many companies refrain from holding them because they are regarded as time consuming. However, conducted properly, corporate retreats can be the best overall investment companies can make. [Read more…]

Get Serious about Customer Service

customer service

It goes without saying that outstanding customer service is now an imperative for business success. Customers don’t need much of an excuse to head over to your competitor if your business falls even the slightest bit short in the level of service you provide. And in today’s economy, you can’t afford to lose even one customer. [Read more…]

Capture Your Competitor’s Customers With Confidence


Every season, we hear sports professionals state with supreme confidence that they will be the champions by the end of their respective seasons. Of course, there can be only one champion at any season’s end. Pundits will forever analyze and evaluate what produced the winning team. For the most part, they will assume it is the combination of savvy owners, smart managers, tough coaches, and the best players. In reality, it is the confidence the executives engender in their team’s ability to win that makes the difference and motivates everyone within the organization to rise to the top. [Read more…]