Tune Up Your Mind To Stay Motivated


Remaining motivated is like tuning a violin. The violin is one of the most marvelous musical instruments that has ever been created and truly one of the most challenging to master. Of this, I’m sure, as I have personal experience in this area. If you wanted to learn to play one, what you would learn in your very first lesson is that it must first be properly tuned before it can be played.

The critical task of tuning is performed by first, turning each individual peg from which each string is attached until the sound is as close as possible to the musical tones of “E” A, D and G. Then you “fine-tune” it, by turning the tiny screws for each individual string on the tail piece until you hear the pure musical tone.

The steel strings on the violin are highly sensitive and easily effected by various factors, room temperature, the pressure from the violinist’s fingers, the pressure from the bow and humidity. So it’s necessary to not only tune before you begin to play, but also to retune during your practice and between each song as well.

You may think this sounds somewhat simple to learn, but it’s not. Yet only when you develop the ability to tune it perfectly, will you be able to achieve good results. If the violin is not properly tuned, then of course, your results will be music that is “out of tune” or “off-key” even if you are a musical virtuoso. However, just as a professional athlete wouldn’t dream of performing their sport without first warming up their muscles, a violin virtuoso would never dream of playing their instrument unless it were perfectly tuned.

What Does This Have to Do With My Job?

Well, just like a violinist, as a business professional you, too, have an instrument you should “fine-tune” before you begin your day and then retune often as the day progresses. It, too, is highly sensitive and is effected by pressure and other factors that can cause it to go out of tune. It’s an incredible instrument because it’s a human instrument. It’s your mind. And just like a violin it, too, must be tuned and retuned perfectly to precision thinking and positive attitude if you want to remain motivated and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Think about this analogy – with all the demands of the work place–the tough economy. fierce competition, the speed of change, the new technology, too much to do- too little time, and all the stress and challenges you must face each day, you need to stay in the right frame of mind to handle these challenge.

The violin strings are tuned to the musical tones of E A D and G.
Here’s your tune up:

E – Excellence in all you do

A – Attitude – positive (no brainer)

D – Discipline to stay focused, execute tasks, pursue new business, not
let stress get to you, master new skills, and more

G – Greatness -or Goals, whichever you choose. I like both.

Keep your mind in tune and you will be motivated to be your best!

The closing words of my most popular book, Wake Up and Smell the Competition:

“Your MIND is a human instrument of the finest order,
And the most delicate balance.
Tune it as if it were a fine violin
To achieve success in all your endeavors.
Play it with passion, rhythm and great expression.
Then, you will live your life in harmony with others,
And to its fullest potential with yourself.”


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