Choose to be Successful

Choose to be Successful

No matter what challenges you may be facing, you need a positive attitude. (Gee, tell me something I didn’t know, right?) Second, you’ll need a sense of vision – seeing yourself successful in your job role and happy in your personal life. Third, you need to make the decision be successful.This may sound strange, but success and winning starts with a decision. World-Class athletes know that without having this type of mind-set, they cannot become winners. Likewise, successful people know they must make a decision to win if they want to land the unattainable client, launch a new product in record time, achieve that impossible sales goal or obtain a great personal life. Making the decision to achieve success drives your skills and performance to new levels.

Three Decisions for Success

As I see it, you have three decisions: 1) you can decide to win, 2) you can decide to lose, or as one of my colleagues calls it, “Choose to Lose” or 3) you can let fate decide what will happen to you. Decision number two should be out of the question but some people choose this option, whether they do so knowingly or not. Having long since abandoned any thought they may have had in their lives about being successful, they see no way to win. They think the deck is stacked against them, or they have been treated unfairly, or they haven’t been given the opportunity to succeed, or a whole host of other excuses that translate to one thing: “I’m comfortable with a losing mentality.”

Sadly, many people choose the third option. They don’t see themselves as successful and being a winner but they don’t view themselves as losers either. They’re often just adrift in the flotsam and jetsam of life. They wait for things to happen to them rather than choosing to make things happen for themselves.

That leaves one option available to the success-minded individual: Decide to be successful and be a winner and believe you will. Be purposeful, resolute and uncompromising in that belief. Failure should never be an option. Relying on fate is irrational. Given the alternatives, there isn’t really any other choice.

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