Turn Difficult Customers into Loyal Customers

Difficult Customers

One of the most challenging situations is to turn difficult customers into loyal customers. If you can do so, then you may not only gain a new loyal customer but also create an advocate for your business. When you encounter a difficult customer, instead of getting angry and defensive, be respectful, apologetic and humble.

How A Smart Business Owner Handled a Tough Customer

An owner of a well-known fast-food franchise told me about a situation where a demanding customer implied she had been overcharged for her food. The owner knew the customer was mistaken but instead of arguing, she apologized and told her she would not charge her for his lunch that day. She impressed the customer by listening to her and offering a solution that exceeded her expectations. Consequently, the woman became one of her most loyal customers. She introduced more people to their establishment and always complimented her on both her friendliness and the cleanliness of her fast-food restaurant. (There’s a lesson there!) She visited so frequently she and the owner became friends.

While not charging a customer or giving them a big discount can impact your bottom line and is not always appropriate, you can establish life-long friendships and build strong customer loyalty by doing your very best to make customers happy. This holds true whether they act like Dorothy or the Wicked Witch of the West.

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