Customer Service Keynote – The Customer of the Future – Will Tomorrow’s Customer’s Be YOURS?

Customer Service Keynote A Dynamic Customer Service Keynote or Hands-On Workshop

Customer Service is Not Optional – It is Critical to Your Success

The customer rules! — An all too familiar mantra we keep hearing. Yet, it warrants repeating, as ultimately, the customer will decide to what extent you will succeed in today’s challenging marketplace.

Whether you sell to B2C or B2B, if you want to win customers over and keep them coming back , you need to obtain answers to some hard questions.

•  What trends are occurring in your  industry that demand smarter customer service strategies?

•  How is your level of customer service  perceived in your customers’ eyes?

•  What are the seven factors that impress customers, help you to obtain the highest levels of customer loyalty and promote word-of-mouth advertising?

•  How do your people represent you? Do they think and act as brand ambassadors?

•  What service flaws might exist in your organization that you don’t know about?

•  What is the best way to uncover service flaws and why most customer satisfaction surveys don’t work?

•  What do  companies known for World Class Customer Service do that you can implement, regardless of the size of your company?

•  How do you make Proactive Complaint Prevention a part of your service culture?

•  What steps should you take to develop a universal reputation for customer service excellence?

•  How will tomorrow’s customers – the younger generation buy?

•  What will be most important to them about where they shop or buy?

Learn comprehensive  customer service strategies. Implementation of these service strategies will help you to ensure your customer has a consistently outstanding customer experience, and will keep coming back to YOU, and not your competition.

Customer service is one of Christine’s most requested  programs. It can be presented as a dynamic keynote, break-out session, or in a hands on workshop format for your organization.