Success In Business – Roadmap to Success

Success in Business What Does It Take

Many people start out in business and think they have a great plan but fail to achieve the degree of success they hoped for. Worse, many fail completely.

What makes the difference between success and failure? What do successful people do differently?

An overwhelming majority of successful business owners have this in common: They sought direction from highly successful people who have driven down the same road. They created a smart Roadmap to follow well before they start up their business engine and avoided the many side-roads they might have encountered. Along the road, they enjoyed the journey and continued to learn and apply practices to help them drive smart.

Whether you are currently a business owner, or would like to become a business owner, this program will provide you with valuable information, insight that will help you to create your own roadmap for business and personal success. You will be inspired by Christine’s philosophy of success and her own personal story of how she became a successful author, conference speaker, and advisor to business owners.

Success in Business Requires a RoadMap to Get You There


This program is presented in a keynote format.